Hiring a Fractional CTO

You’re likely looking for a Fractional CTO because you need 100% of the expertise and experience of a CTO, but at a fraction of the time and cost. With CTO as a Service, here’s how I tend to work with clients.

What a CTO Adds to the Mix

  • Ensuring the right Technologies are being used for the problems given
  • Building a scalable product to support those large media pushes
  • Overseeing Software Engineers (onshore or offshore) or helping make those initial hires
  • Creating/Managing Product & Technical Roadmaps
  • Helping Executives understand how Technology can further the company’s goals
  • Building a Data Strategy that can drive Business Intelligence

Types of Fractional CTO Engagement

Sounding Board

2 hrs/week

Seeking a reliable partner who's always just a Slack message away? Look no further! You'll have direct access to me for quick questions, vendor/agency reviews, attending important calls, and even code audits. Let’s ensure your projects are on track and achieve optimal results.


2 hrs/day

This is the sweet spot for a Fractional CTO. Involved daily in Code Reviews & Tech Planning, and actively involved in the Business + Engineering Strategy. A Fractional CTO at this level will maximize your internal resources and save you money and time!

Highly Engaged

4 hrs/day

A great choice that makes sense if your company has ambitious projects or launches to oversee, and you also need to ramp up in multiple areas. This is also a great option if you’ve had a recent departure or Parental leave of an existing CTO and you need an Interim CTO.

Fuel Your Passion with a Strategic Technical Partner

If you're as passionate about your project as I am about technology, we're going to make magic happen. 🪄

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